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poached egg sandwich

On my Instagram, I have this photo captioned the "Dig Through Your Fridge Eggs Benedict".  It is my take on one of my favorite dishes.  I love poached eggs, in fact I prefer my eggs cooked this way if I have the time.  

Unfortunately poached eggs are a little time consuming and sometimes you just cant quite get the water temperature quite right or the water to spin.  

But I have figured out a hack that helps you make a quick poached egg without all the hassle!

I paired this poached egg with sautéd spinach because I did not have any bacon or ham like a traditional eggs Benedict but this went too well with the honey sriracha sauce.  


  • 1 egg per person

  • 2 TBS honey 

  • 1 TBS sriracha or to your desired spice

  • 1 TBS Mayo

  • 1 TBS water

  • pinch of salt 

  • pinch of pepper

  • 2 cups of spinach 

  • slices of rustic Italian bread or English muffins 

  • 1 TBS of butter


  1. Bring your pot of water to a boil. When it boils turn it off.  Have your ladle that is sprayed with pam ready to go.  

  2. Crack your egg into your ladle and slowly lower it into the water, you will see that it will start to cook around the edges.  You can submerge it into the water after you see that it is cooking.  

  3. While that is cooking sautéed your spinach in another pan. Saute until done for about 2 minutes. and set aside.  Place your bread in the toaster.  

  4. Check on your eggs in the pot and see if they are cooked through, they should be a little squishy in the middle but not gooey.  

  5. toast your choice of bread in the toaster

  6. If the egg is finished remove the ladle from the water and let it rest on a paper towel to dry off. 

  7. Mix all ingredients for honey sriracha sauce (Honey, Sriracha, mayo, water, salt, and pepper).

  8. to plate- place your toasted bread on the plate topped with the spinach, poached egg, sauce, and your extra slice of bread for dipping.  

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